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Short-Term Rental

A Car for every remarkable trip.

If you need to rent a car on a short term, daily or weekly basis, our short term car rental service is perfect for you. We provide short-term rentals to meet customer’s needs for local travels, for both business and leisure car use including replacement rental.Our large fleet of vehicles help us find cars which are perfect matches for our clients.
Our rental agreement highlights:

  • Optional CDW
  • No Deposit
  • No Hidden Fees

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Long Term Rental

Personal Car Leasing

Car leasing is the most cost-effective way of getting hold of that car you’ve always wanted. You’ll never actually own the car, but you’ll be able to drive it for a set period of time with the best lease price and simply hand it back to us without the worry of the depreciation value.

Business Car Leasing

Business car leasing and paying a fixed monthly rate is considered the most effective way of preventing car depreciation and controlling fleet operating costs. Aside from today’s high fuel costs, depreciation is the biggest financial burden for fleets as improving residual values are canceled out by rising list prices.  Find out about our latest available business car leasing deals by simply completing the form below.

Car Maintenance and Repiars

We can fix your cars.

Our sister concern Better Drive Auto Garage can maintain your car in its best condition.

We can maintain your vehicle via state-of-the-art equipment to complete your handbook servicing, regular maintenance services and all types of mechanical repairs. From brakes to suspension, we do it all.